Seidman College of Business
Department of Management - Grand Rapids, MI

Visiting Professor 

Specific Coursework Taught:

  • MGT 672 - Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship (MBA Program)
    Provides applied, sustainable development tools and best practices that businesses and non-profit organizations can use to address social entrepreneurship issues using innovative, interdisciplinary, and sustainable approaches.
  • MGT 667 - Service Management (MBA Program)
    Provides an examination of operating activities in service industries with emphasis on the principles of design, operation, and control of service delivery systems. Lectures, cases, and assignments focus on such topics as service system design, client interfaces, capacity planning, inventory management, customer service, and quality control.
  • EMBA 635 - Change Management (Executive MBA Program)
    Analyzes the forces that drive organizations to change, evaluates the impediments to change, and examines approaches and models of making change most effective. Special attention is given to managing the individual and organizational disruptions inherent in the change process. 
  • BUS 634 - Business Sustainabilty: Tools, Practices and Reporting (MBA Program)
    Provides an introduction to the fundamental theories, concepts, principles and best practices of the sustainability triple bottom line, including: environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility in the context of global business and society.
  • MGT 438 - Business Ethics
    An inquiry into the relevance of the classical ethical literature and the resolution of everyday business problems. Particular emphasis will be placed on the practical usefulness of the Socratic tradition. That tradition requires that we attend to clarifying our own values as well as those of others. Part of the Ethics theme.
  • MGT 364 - Service Operations Management
    An overview of the planning, controls, and designs of operations in the service industry. Emphasis on the application of economic principles, decision tools, and models to solve problems encountered in the service environment.
  • MGT 355 - The Diversified Workforce
    An examination of the experiences of different groups in the U.S. workforce, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation. Cultural differences are explored, and a consideration is given to the ways in which organizational norms operate to include or marginalize different groups of people. Fulfills Cultures - U.S. Diversity.
  • MGT 345 - Team Building
    A class which integrates theory and application by teaching students how to be effective members of a work team. Emphasis on both logical and creative problem solving. Dynamics and processes within teams serve as the focus of analysis, learning, and practice. Part of the Creativity theme.
  • MGT 340 - Business, Social Change and Ethics (Accelerated Leadership Cohort)
    Examines the process of business development and the ethical questions that process raises. Particular attention is paid to the questions raised by market pressures, bureaucratic organization, and income stratification. Part of the Ethics theme.
  • MGT 331 - Concepts of Management (Accelerated Leadership Cohort & Undergraduate)
    The management process through an examination of its functions of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling work, and work performance in a business organization. Theoretical concepts and applications through the use of selected case materials.
  • MGT 330 - Entrepreneurship and Business Management
    An exploration of opportunities for self-employment and product development. The course features a comprehensive survey of the entrepreneurship process: recognizing opportunities, evaluating business potential, sources of financing, launching a new business venture, and issues related to managing growth. Application of management principles to operating issues of small, evolving businesses.

Center for Leadership - Grand Rapids, MI

Faculty Lead/Professor

  • Leading High Performance Teams (LHPT)
  • Emerging Leader Workshop
  • Primary Client: Spectrum Health System


College of Business Administration - Detroit, MI

Adjunct Professor

Specific Coursework:

  • MBA 5500 - New Product Management (MBA Program)
    This course studies the entire process of new product development from ideation, concept testing, prototypes, product design, packaging labeling, test marketing, national launch, and customer feedback. More recent themes in new product development such as total quality management (TQM) and ISO9000 compliance, innovation and improvisation, pioneer versus late mover advantage, market versus competitor orientation, and standardization versus customization are investigated. Case analysis of major new product/services successes and failures in the industrial and consumer goods sectors are undertaken.